Rent of lightning protection equipment

Lightning protection systems provide protection of objects and people that are in the building, and electrical appliances from the effects of electric lightning strikes.

They consist of a set of measures aimed at preventing and minimizing damage due to bad weather.

However, the reliability of lightning protection systems depends not only on the specialists involved in the installation, but also on the equipment used in this process.

Equipment needed for this

Despite the fact that elements of such systems are selected individually for each project, the equipment that is used in the installation work is always standard. It includes:

  • wire rod straightening machines;
  • rod and strip leveling machines;
  • jackhammer;
  • устройства для замеров и многое другое.

These types of equipment must meet all the quality standards. They simplify the installation of lightning protection systems significantly, reducing time required for the work.

Advantages of the renting

Equipment for the installation of lightning protection systems has quite a high cost. Therefore, it is not profitable to purchase such devices for single work. Especially it regards small companies that carry out this work only once or twice a year. In addition, there are situations when your own equipment gets out of order, and all the work should be completed on an urgent basis.

Our company offers its customers a wide range of equipment for fast and high-quality installation of lightning protection systems. The models presented here will help to perform installation at any level of complexity.

Renting in our company, the client gets many benefits, including:

  • a fast delivery of equipment to the destination (without delay, within the specified time-limits);
  • a rewarding rental price;
  • high quality of each model, confirmed by certificates;
  • warranty service;
  • увеличение продуктивности монтажа.

Our company provides one type of equipment and also a full set of it for temporary use.

If you have difficulties in choosing, on the basis of the project our consultants will be able to pick up all the necessary equipment for the installation work. The rental process is officially documented in contracts, that fully protect rights of the landlord and the client.

The total cost of the rent will be calculated according to the terms, type of equipment and other factors. All the conditions of temporary use are discussed with the client in advance.